The family history

The Lemaire family history began at the end of the 19th century in Hautvilliers, the birth place of Champagne where a family tradition was born when the gardener and poet Désiré Lemaire, purchased what is now the Lemaire vineyards.

The full vision was developed by his grandchild, Roger Constant Lemaire who understood the importance of harmoniously blending the different grapes in order to create high quality Champagne. In 1945 he doubled the size of the estate and located the family home and headquarters to Villers-sous-Châtillon.

Roger Constant Lemaire’s daughter Brigitte married Gilles Tournant, a talented winemaker and together with their sons Sébastien and Guillaume, they continue the family tradition of producing exceptional Champagne using modern and ecologically friendly techniques.

From just 12 Hectares the family run estate now exports all over the world under the name of Roger Constant Lemaire.

The Roger-Constant Lemaire Family are proud of their ecological credentials and use only marine algae to protect their vines, negating the need for pesticides. The grapes are selected and harvested by hand, with only first press used in production. Vinification uses non malo-lactic fermentation methods to ensure a better quality of Champagne with its own natural acidity. The Champagne has an inherent sweetness allowing for the addition of only a very low dosage of cane sugar. All Champagnes are 12% alcohol by vol.